Frequently Asked Questions

At My Exceptional Care we are committed to providing topnotch health care services to patients in Evansville, Indiana. For more details about our services, please read the FAQs below.

If I am a new patient, how long will it take to get an appointment?

We strive to schedule our new patient appointments within 1 week, though this is subject to your availability and may be up to 2 weeks.

What if I need to speak with someone outside of business hours for an urgent issue?

For a life-threatening issue call 911 immediately. Otherwise, you can reach Dr. Malek on the on-call phone at 812-419-2034.

Why 1-2 weeks?

New patient appointments take approximately 15-30 minutes longer than an established patient visit. We need to allow additional time on our schedule for these appointments.

What is considered an emergency?

An emergency is any life-threatening health concern that requires immediate medical attention by a trained professional. Included but limited to: sudden loss of consciousness, signs of a heart attack, severe shortness of breath, sudden onset of slurred speech or muscle weakness, a cut or wound that does not stop bleeding, poisoning, head trauma.

Once I am an established patient, how long will it take to get an appointment when I am sick?

We do our absolute best to schedule all urgent/ sick patient appointments same day and at the most within 24 hours. You may also walk in for an urgent/ acute illness visit.

What is considered an urgent issue?

Examples of an urgent issue that does require medical attention but is not life-threatening, including but not limited to: painful or frequent urination, vomiting, ear pain, minor allergic reactions, minor fever, cough or sore throat.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling our office staff at 812-901-1034, scheduling on our website or on your Patient Fusion account.

Can a new patient be seen as a telemedicine appointment?

We do prefer to see you in person for your first appointment but current guidelines do allow for a patient to establish with our practice thru a telemedicine visit.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

It is mandatory by law that a new patient present with a photo ID. We cannot establish care unless we can verify your identity with this photo ID. You also need to bring your insurance card. Please note, if you fail to bring a photo ID and/or you fail to bring insurance information and your insurance cannot be verified, your appointment is subject to cancellation and rescheduling.

Why is it preferred to be seen for the first time in person?

An important component of establishing with a new medical practice is what we call the “objective findings”. This refers to what your provider observes or measures from your current physical presentation and provides a baseline for future visits.

Where can I get a copy of the new patient paperwork?

We offer a variety of ways to obtain your new patient paperwork. You can come to the office to fill out the packet. You can call our office staff at 812-901-1034 to request a copy be mailed, faxed, or emailed to you. Additionally, you can download a copy on our forms page by clicking here.

What do I need to have to be seen as telemedicine?

Connecting for a telemedicine appointment is simple. There is no special computer equipment or app that needs to be to downloaded. The only requirements are internet access and audio/visual capability. You also may be asked to provide a recent blood pressure reading.